HR & People Management

HR & People Management

HR & People Management is an expression of the goals and operating practices of the company with the aim of having a key role in maximizing the profit and reducing the risks within organizations. Despite global economic trends, organizations face an extremely diverse set of people-related challenges that vary with the market environments in which they operate. Nonetheless, many companies now confront a common set of questions:

  • How do we build sustainable, competitive people advantage in different business environments?
  • How do we effectively link business and personnel strategies?
  • How can we attract and develop the best talent and leaders?
  • How can we develop work force flexibility and agility?

Our Human Resource Consultants are best leveraged by assisting clients with strategically integrating effective HR programs, practices and processes into their daily operations. They have a great impact with helping to maximize the employee performance related to human resources by introducing or marketing "best practice" products or services as well as to providing the necessary feedback to clients regarding their performance related to annual management objectives. Human Resource Consultants will also evaluate significant change management concerns, business risk/liability evaluation, department development, training plans and implementation.

To accomplish this, the HR Consultant may need to perform needs assessments or audits and make recommendations or proposals, coordinate the creation and implementation of an action or corrective plan, and when required, organize and coordinate cross-functional Human Resource teams to assist the client with developing and implementing performance improvement corrective plans, programs or processes. We have a team of professionals that will complement the size of your organization and work with your leadership team throughout the process.

Once the assessment is complete, IBS Consulting Group is positioned to implement service support with our strategic partners to save you time, money and give you the peace of mind that your business is compliant.

We provide numerous services for your small business to help you operate effectively and efficiently.

Our Expertise
We work with clients to build a competitive, measurable, and sustainable staffing advantage through strategic focus, business connection, and excellence in execution. Business strategy drives work force needs. At the same time, work force imperatives condition business strategy success. We work with clients along six key dimensions to create advantage:
  • Aligning - Linking business and HR and people management strategy to build competitive advantage
  • Sourcing - Strategic work force planning, global attraction and recruiting, and work force flexibility
  • Performing -Enabling and promoting high performance
  • Developing -Effectively and efficiently developing people and capabilities
  • Building HR excellence -Creating a lean and effective global HR function that can execute an optimal staffing strategy

IBS Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to understand and help address the HR and people management issues of clients. We believe that the combination of our business and work force expertise makes us a preferred partner. We have a proven track record of linking people with businesses while applying the right analyses and instruments to help them not only make informed staff decisions but fully implement them. 

Staffing Study

The goal of the Staffing Study services is to identify:
  • How to work more efficiently without adding staff
  • Technology that can be used to improve processes and ultimately service to the firm
  • Gaps in knowledge that need to be filled for the firm to get the services it expects
  • Training needed to move support staff from responsibilities that are going away to those being added as the needs of the firm change
  • Where new staff is needed to better support company needs

Employee Engagement Study

The goal of the Employee Engagement Study Services is to measure a degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization which profoundly influences their willingness to learn & perform at work. 

Effective employee engagement and a high-performance corporate culture are crucial to the achievement of sustainable competitive advantage. The employee engagement is distinctively different from satisfaction, motivation, culture, climate and opinion and very difficult to measure. 

Because the current economic environment can directly affect employee engagement and company culture, firms must answer several important questions: 

  • How can we find ways to keep employees engaged into company to meet the economic crisis more prepared?
  • Why is it important to maintain employee engagement? What are the consequences if we fail?
  • How can we preserve the company's culture and internal employee morale while pursuing cost-cutting initiatives?
  • How can we determine if we have the right corporate culture to achieve our strategic objectives and goals?

Our Expertise
Our resources provide a wealth of expertise not only in diagnosing employee engagement and corporate culture problems, but also in moving clients successfully toward higher employee engagement or the desired corporate culture.

Salary and Compensation Consulting

The goal of the Salary and Compensation Consulting services is to offer are broad range advising - from the development of an entire compensation program for a company to the design of compensation plans for individual job positions. 

We provide the following types of compensation consulting services to clients:
  • Compensation surveys including those of CEO, CFO and executive management levels
  • Job evaluation, organizational planning, grading studies and pay administration programs
  • Market pricing studies, compensation surveys, salary surveys, and salary compensation comparison projects
  • Complete operational motivational incentive compensation plans
  • Performance appraisal systems including job descriptions

Our Expertise
We provide
  • Development of job evaluation and salary administration programs
  • Design of incentive compensation plans, including management incentive plans, sales incentive plans and productivity improvement plans.
  • Design and conduct of compensation surveys to identify competitive market rates for positions.
  • Review and evaluation of current compensation programs and practices for a particular company, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Assessment of the market competitiveness of client compensation practices.
  • Development of performance appraisal programs, especially in conjunction with improved pay administration plans.

Job Analysis & Job Description Consulting

The goal of the Job Analysis/Job Description Consulting is to set up a process in which employers identify and determine the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. 

Practice shows that the best businesses have the best people - competent, energetic and creative. To attract these people, employers need both ingenuity and initiative. Job Analysis is the most important step in staffing because it forms the basis for any hiring decisions made. Unfortunately, it’s often skipped over by employers who in a rush to get a position filled quickly, would rather hire now and ask questions later. Then when confronted with poor performance, low morale, and high turnover, they wonder why it’s so hard to find good workers any more. 

Taking a little more time in the beginning and get IBS support in this area is the way to avoid a great many problems later.

Salary Market Pricing & Pay Comparison Survey

IBS Consulting Group specializes in designing and conducting tailored compensation surveys for clients. In addition, we have a database of published compensation surveys from which we can draw competitive pay information to assist clients in updating their pay practices. 
We have designed and conducted salary and compensation surveys for clients on a broad range of topics. 

Normally, these surveys are conducted to help clients ensure that their salary and compensation practices are, or remain, competitive. They generally focus on cash compensation practices - i.e., base salaries, incentive compensation, bonus arrangements, etc. - but can also include benefit and perquisite practices.

Our Expertise
The salary and compensation surveys and related pay comparisons can be conducted either as stand-alone projects, or as part of a broader compensation study where our company is engaged to develop a formal compensation program for the client and job pricing is an important part of the engagement.

  • Basic Services Provided
  • Tailored salary and compensation surveys
  • Market pricing using published surveys
  • Recommendations regarding pay range or pay structure adjustments
  • Competitive pay analysis and positioning
  • Pay strategy development