Management Tailored Trainings

Management Tailored Trainings

Leadership Training Courses

  • Critical Thinking Skills for Leaders
  • Developing Essential Management Communication Skills
  • Budgeting for Managers
  • How To Effectively Deal With Employee Attitude Problems
  • Establishing Clear Performance Expectations
  • Making Performance Management a Motivation Tool
  • Motivation and Employee Development Skills for Managers
  • Interactive Performance Management
  • Improved Coaching and Counseling Skills
  • Interviewing Skills for Managers
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Excellence
  • The Essentials To Leadership Development
  • The Essential Skills for New Supervisors

Project Management Training Courses

  • Improved Project Management and Planning
  • How to Develop and Implement a Project Management Methodology
  • Distressed Projects: Prevention And Intervention Strategies
  • Managing Multiple Team Projects
  • Project Management Process Improvement Program
  • Project Management for Sales

Team Building Training Courses

  • The Basics of Team Building
  • How to Manage and Motivate a Team
  • Advanced Team Building Strategies
  • Team Coaching for Top Performance

Employee Development Training Courses

  • Attitude Skills for Success at Work and in Life
  • The Purpose-Driven Employee
  • Emotional Management - Essential Skills for High Stress Positions
  • How to Develop a Collaborative Relationship
  • Conquering Stress in Work and Life
  • Getting It All Done in a Multi-Task World
  • The Essentials to Leadership Development

Change Management Training Courses

  • Leadership Through Change
  • Problem-Solving Skills for Change Leaders
  • Strategic Planning for Success