Organizational Design & Analysis

Organizational Design & Analysis

Organizational Design

The goal of the Organizational Design Study is to set up a process of reshaping organization structure and roles. It is the alignment of structure, process, rewards, metrics and talent with the strategy of the business.

A company’s structure determines its ability to execute strategy and adapt rapidly to change. In today’s economic environment, business organizations should be designed to answer several crucial questions:

  • How can we translate our strategic objectives into organizational requirements?
  • How can we align accountabilities with our organization’s configuration?
  • To what extent can productivity be improved while our cost base is being cut?
  • How can we reduce organizational complexity and still maintain necessary control?
  • How can we sustain growth?
  • How should changes to the organization model be managed?
  • What characteristics do we need to be a high-performance company?

Our Expertise

We know that the essence of organization - people working together collaboratively - is the basis of competitive advantage. That is why we address organizational performance and employee engagement simultaneously. This is how we help clients actively resolve complexity, so that any organizational change is successfully implemented. IBS Consulting Group employs different tools to assess companies in innovative ways and to successfully transform them to achieve high business performance.

Organizational Analysis

The goal of the Organizational Analysis services is to determine the best way to successfully organize and manage a start-up company.

Organizational analysis focuses on and maintaining an efficient workforce through the design and structure of an organization, as well as the relationships and behavior of individuals within organizations. We concerned with developing models that accurately capture the functioning and development of companies for the ways in which they respond to and bring about changes. Organizational planning involves designing an organization's structure and dividing up the responsibilities of organization efficiency.

Organizational Restructuring

The goal of the Organizational Restructuring Services is to set up the process of building a team of highly talented, professional and ambitious individuals to achieve the business targets. 

Effective people management is the main reason of the systematic organizational restructuring. Whether small or large is the company, the first step is to set up a management team which will supervise the effective working of the entire company. Designing organizational structure needs extra-ordinary management skills. There should not be, however, concentration of power in the hands of a few executives, as this may lead to grouping and reduced quality output. In this regard, satisfying the needs of the employees is of prime importance as this retains the faith of the employees on the employers.

Our Expertise

The first step we implements involves explaining each and every employee, what his role will be. We believe that employees will not be able to deliver their best, unless they are completely aware of their work and expectations. Another important thing is a system of accurate evaluation of the employee performance without being partial or unjust to any employee. Favoring some employee over the other without authentic reasons can be detrimental for the company's future.  The basic idea IBS triggers here to promote people with good leadership skills. 

Long-range organization planning

The goal of the Long-term Organizational Planning Services is to assist clients in the determination of the appropriate organizational structure in line with the company’s goals and future organization direction.

Long-range organizational planning involves working with the client to design the appropriate long-term organizational structure and the intermediate organizational alignment, leading toward plans for the longer-term organization structure.

Our Expertise

Our work in this area ranges from the conceptual plan - i.e., long-term structure definition - to the detailed organization structure - analysis of job requirements and definition of job responsibilities. We work with clients to determine the appropriate staffing levels for departments, units and work areas, with an eye toward ensuring that the work is performed as efficiently as possible within the planned organizational structure. We use our Salary and Compensation consulting tools to determine appropriate pay levels for job positions, in line with responsibility levels and market pay practices. IBS Consulting Group plans and develops incentive pay plans for incumbents of new or revised positions.

Not only do our  Salary and Compensation planning and design tools apply to the organizational planning and analysis area, but we often perform professional search assignments to assist in staffing new positions for which internal talent is not available as well as provide expert witness services nationally.