Change Management

Change Management

Change Management is an organizational process aimed at empowering employees to accept and embrace changes in their current business environment.Today's economic environment requires urgent, significant, and difficult transformation. An organizational capability to create and execute strategic, ambitious, and sustainable change is often difficult to achieve. When embarking on such modification, organizations must answer some important questions:

  • How do we lead change during so-called transformation periods, crisis situations and turbulent times?
  • How do we maintain the full engagement and motivation of staff?
  • When we manage staff reductions, how effective it is likely to be, and what should we do about it?
  • How can we best ensure that change is sustained?
  • How do we ensure that results from change efforts are really delivered to the bottom line?
  • What are the main risk factors that we should actively manage in our change efforts?

Our Expertise

We work with clients to customize an approach that delivers sustained, measurable results and embeds real behavioral change. In all cases, explicit attention is paid to managing both the operational side and the people side of change. Our approaches to the problem from the following general dimensions:
  • Developing change agenda and supporting to push forward defined goals
  • Mobilizing the organization, from the top leadership to the front line, through a structured cascade system
  • Bridging the change into business process and people performance metrics
  • Managing for results through disciplined, practical procedures, feedback and tracking systems
  • Sustaining change by structuring for ongoing learning process

This method of creating effective transformation is based on following ideas:

  • To get sustainable results, the management must inspire, respect, empower, and involve staff at all levels.
  • Any approach to change must focus on transparent, understandable, fact-based, and business-driven actions.
  • Actions should be minimally sufficient to win - for instance, they should be tailored to ensure the most efficient deployment of scarce resources.

Interim Management

Experienced management is one of the most important factors behind the success of any new entrepreneurial venture. Many first-time entrepreneurs dive into new ventures with ample enthusiasm and energy, but often without the knowledge and experience needed to sidestep easily avoided mistakes. As a result, far too many ventures sputter and die before ever reaching the market.

If you have an extraordinary innovation, we can help launch your venture by temporarily filling one or more key management roles in your company. Whether we serve as your interim CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, general counsel, or in some other senior executive role, we can stand by your side as an experienced co-founder with a vested interest in your long-term success.

Our interim executives are experienced entrepreneurs who have launched and grown successful ventures. As your partner, we roll up our sleeves and work towards laying the groundwork for a successful venture. We work hard, because we succeed only if you succeed.

In a typical engagement, we will form an executive management team and take over much of the managerial control of the venture, allowing you to focus on what you're best at: product innovation. You fill the role of product manager or head of research and development, while we fill the many other vital roles needed to bring a new product to market. Of course, every engagement is different, and we will work with you to structure a relationship that ensures we all end up better off.

How We Work:

We view each opportunity as a unique situation, but usual steps include:
  • Perform a quick initial review to determine initial level of mutual interest
  • Conduct in-depth due diligence to assess feasibility, market potential, and competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop a high-level go-to-market strategy and map out likely resource requirements
  • Agree on who will fill what roles
  • Negotiate our compensation, usually in some combination of equity ownership and ongoing royalties (note that we may be able to structure compensation with little or no cash expense to you, apart from reimbursing our out-of-pocket expenses)
  • Develop a detailed business plan and supporting materials
  • Form a new company with our team and yours filling executive roles, as required
  • Assign your intellectual property into the new venture
  • Recruit additional resources, as needed
  • Capitalize the business, as needed
  • Execute on the business plan

What We Look For:

We seek opportunities to partner with entrepreneurs who exhibit the following traits:
  • You are a leading thinker in your field
  • Your concept solves a major problem in a large market in a way that is superior to existing solutions
  • Your intellectual property is protected
  • You are a team player, and are open to the idea of taking on co-founders to help you launch your venture

Why You Should Partner With Us:

Too many ventures fail as the founders lack the necessary experience and resources. We can change that:
  • Our experienced team and advisers offer a diverse skill set that is well suited to new venture creation
  • We are able to tap into a wide network of additional resources, as necessary
  • We do not charge up-front fees (except to cover expenses in certain cases) and take our compensation in equity and royalties, ensuring that our interests are aligned with yours

If we sound like a good match for each other, then please contact us - we're ready to launch!

Strategic & Tactical Planning

The strategic planning process is an extremely important executive function. The most enduring companies plan on 3-5 year, one year, and 90-day horizons. Energy is put into developing key objectives every quarter, and achievements are managed weekly. A well written strategic plan is the one document that can be used to achieve the following:

  • Align the efforts of the entire work force
  • Reinforce the culture of the organization
  • Share management's view of where the company is and their vision of where the company is going
  • Define long term and short term goals
  • Set clear measurable milestones that mark progress towards important goals
  • Define metrics that can be used daily/weekly to measure short term progress and afford accountability
  • Define clear accountability for goals and objectives
  • Guide decisions and actions throughout the year

What does IBS Consulting Group offer?

  • Plan Development: We will facilitate and create an actionable strategic plan to be used for daily decision making. It can be used to align the efforts of your work force, reinforce the culture of the organization, share management's view of where the company is and their vision of where the company is going, define long term and short term goals, set clear, measurable milestones that mark progress towards important goals, and define metrics that can be used daily/weekly to measure short term progress. The plan creates accountability for goal achievement.
  • SWOT Analysis: We facilitate the discovery of your company's strengths, weakness, and the opportunities to exceed goals set in the strategic plan and threats to derail the plan.
  • Development of an annual budget: We will work with you to develop an annual budget in spreadsheet form that can be used to project your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow for the next 12 months and compare actual results with plan.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Being CEO of a business today is more demanding than ever. The pace, complexity, and economic uncertainty have all increased. The margin for error is smaller, and the cost of management missteps is higher. It has never been lonelier at the top.
Get Someone Else in Your Corner.

Business coaching is growing rapidly because it works. More than 20% of business owners use a coach. It's an investment in you and your business.

When you work with a IBS Consulting Group business coach, you can expect the following results:

  • Overcome roadblocks that hold you back
  • Learn new strategies to achieve your goals
  • Increase profits and accountability
  • Renew the enjoyment of owning your business

How Business Coaching and Goal Setting Improve Organizational Performance?

Business Coaching is a facilitative one-on-one, mutually designed relationship between a professional coach and a client executive. The focus of business coaching is on executive performance, organizational performance, and organizational development. A coach can act as a catalyst, guide, advisor, sounding board, and score keeper. A coach provides a unique, external, and supportive view of where you are and where you are going. The process results in improved personal performance for you, and improved bottom line performance for your organization.

A typical engagement consists of weekly coaching sessions over a period of at least three months. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in duration, and are focused on a set of goals established at the beginning of the engagement. The coach facilitates achievement of your goals by working with you to implement changes in your behavior and your methods. You have access to the coach between sessions for any matters required to maintain steady progress.

We use an interactive coaching and goal setting model where we:

  • Identify openings
  • Generate possibilities
  • Develop plans for improving organizational performance
  • Preview the outcomes of those plans
  • Generate a commitment to action to achieve the right results

Benefits of Business Coaching engagements is to attain effective outcomes through:

  • Awareness
  • Purpose
  • Competence
  • Well-being
  • Results