Marketing Strategy Development Services

Marketing Strategy Development Services

Time horizons covered significantly vary by company, by industry, and by product, however, time horizons are becoming shorter as the speed of change in the environment increases. IBS Consulting Group develops dynamic and interactive marketing strategies that involve careful scanning of the internal and external environments which are summarized in a SWOT analysis. Internal factors of our Strategy Development Services include the marketing mix, as well as performance analysis and strategic constraints. External factors include customer analysis, competitor analysis, target market analysis, as well as evaluation of any elements of the technological, economic, political/legal environment likely to impact success.  

Once a thorough environmental scan is complete, a strategic plan can be constructed to identify business alternatives, establish challenging goals, determine the optimal marketing mix to attain these goals, and detail implementation. At a final step in developing a marketing strategy we create a plan to monitor progress and a set of contingencies if problems arise in the implementation of the plan.

Sales & Channels Strategy

In many ways, sales professionals are the face of the company. They are responsible for both ensuring that customers are well supported and focusing on targets in the most efficient and effective manner. However, these tasks are becoming more challenging as customers, channels, and markets evolve rapidly. Senior executives face many questions as they reevaluate their selling strategies and tactics:
  • What do we want the sales force and channels to accomplish?
  • Grow revenues, market share, or profit margin?
  • Maximize uptake of new products?
  • Increase cross-selling?
  • Acquire new customers? Retain existing customers?
  • How can we improve our performance with our largest, most complex global and strategic customers?
  • Where can sell costs be reduced?
  • How can we continuously improve sales productivity?
  • Given those objectives, how can we optimize our sales and distribution approach to align with shifts in our markets, customers, and competitors?

IBS Expertise

Our Sales and Channels experts work with clients to create competitive advantage through the optimization of sales channels and sales forces. We achieve this by developing clear, customized sales boosting strategies and specific implementation tactics. We apply our broad experience across many industries to each client’s individual needs, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Within Sales and Channels, we address a range of topics:

  • Key account management
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Channel management
  • Sales and channels capabilities (structure, processes, and people)
IBS Consulting Group provides effective support to clients on sales and channels issues across many industries. Our experience includes extensive work in consumer goods, retail markets, financial services, health care, pharmaceutical, entertainment, luxury, industrial goods etc.

Market Penetration Strategy

When companies "penetrate into market,” they bring together all the commercial functions - sales, marketing, brand management, pricing, and consumer insight - to drive the bottom line. This raises a set of key challenges, and companies face some critical questions:
  • How can we ensure that our strategy fits the current needs of economic environment, business model, channels, and customers?
  • What measures can we take to improve alignment and integration across the various commercial functions?
  • How can our market penetration approach help support cost-reduction efforts - without harming the business?
  • How can we build the best-in-class capabilities required to support an effective market penetration strategy?

Our Expertise

Our experts help clients improve their business capabilities, commercial activities and achieve competitive advantage. We work with companies to assess the effectiveness of their current marketing and sales practices, competencies and capabilities and identify the fields most in need of attention.

Within Market Penetration Strategy, we cover all aspects of the commercial agenda from beginning to end:

  • Commercial strategy, objectives, and goals
  • Commercial execution (marketing, sales, pricing, and customer insight)
  • Market penetration capabilities: organizational and process enablers
IBS Consulting Group provides best-in-class expertise and reliable support to clients on market penetration strategy issues across many industries. Our experience includes extensive work in consumer goods, retail markets, financial services, health care, pharmaceutical, entertainment, luxury, industrial goods etc.

Marketing Planning Strategy

Many executives see their organizations’ strategy-development processes more focused on the past rather than on developing future competitive advantage. Executives also face the crucial challenge of translating strategic insight into actionable corporate plans and linking them with annual budgets. Following questions are essential on how to improve the quality of planning:
  • How can we best generate the creative insights that lead to competitive advantage?
  • How do we increase our agility and preparedness in the face of a volatile business and political environment?
  • How do we best translate strategic vision into corporate plans and annual budgets?
  • How can we foster alignment to ensure our strategy is transformed into action?
  • What processes will achieve our objectives most efficiently?

Our Expertise

We help our clients review and entirely redesign, fine-tune, or supplement their planning approaches. Whether focused on strategic planning for a multi-business firm or for one or more business units, our recommendations are grounded in the same basic principles. They
  • are tailor-made for each client,
  • achieve and sustain competitive advantage through insight and agility,
  • are driven by best practices and innovative business solutions,
  • balance creativity with rigor,
  • are focused on integrating plans with financial results.

Portfolio Management Strategy

Being a good operator is no longer enough - robust management of the corporate portfolio is crucial to sustained superior value creation. Successful organizations regularly revisit their portfolios to understand the drivers of advantage and identify avenues for future growth. To remain on top in today’s business environment, companies should focus on answering several important questions:
  • How can we manage our portfolio for long-term sustainable value creation?
  • Which businesses should be our growth platforms going forward? Which can be our "cash machines?"
  • How should we differentiate goals, metrics, and incentives across the portfolio?
  • What should we do with our non-core operations?
  • If others owned our businesses or entered our business niche, could they create more value? Why and How?

Our Expertise

We partner with our clients to create practical and applicable portfolio that deliver tangible value. We integrate multiple perspectives in our portfolio analysis:
  • Strategy (markets, competitive advantage, and competition)
  • Financials (actual and planned value creation)
  • Parenting advantage (corporate capabilities, transaction counterparties, fit with corporate identity, and vision)

IBS Consulting Group ensures successful implementation by translating portfolio management strategy into practical, strategic road maps that include performance goals, development priorities, financial policies, and investor communication.

Product Pricing Strategy

In tough times, basic price management becomes even more critical, as companies face customer - demand shifts and the threat of price wars, and managers therefore face a number of crucial questions:
  • How must our strategic approach to pricing change in light of increased pricing volatility?
  • Given declining demand, how should we respond to or avoid price wars?
  • Where are the best - and fastest - opportunities to make pricing changes and capture near-term value?
  • What are the "game-changers” in pricing specific to our industry and situation?
  • Which will work for us, and how do we implement them?
  • How can we develop best-in-class pricing capabilities?

Our Expertise

We help clients use pricing as a powerful tool to shape customer behavior, boost earnings, and drive brand perception. By combining our deep expertise in consumer/customer insights with a sophisticated understanding of pricing strategy, we ensure that companies capture stable profit through optimal pricing.

Within Pricing Strategy Service, we cover a range of topics:

  • Price elasticity analysis
  • Pricing strategy
  • Pricing execution and tactics
  • Pricing capabilities and organization

We pull from a deep knowledge base of pricing-innovation work across various companies and industries, and we tailor our recommendations to the unique needs of each client’s business. Meanwhile, we build improvements in pricing capabilities (organization, processes, and metrics) that drive sustainable long-term value.

IBS Consulting Group provides best-in-class support to clients on pricing issues across many industries. Our experience includes extensive work in pricing for consumer goods, retail markets, financial services, health care, pharmaceutical, entertainment, luxury, industrial goods etc.

Company Growth Strategy

Sustained profitable growth is the goal of nearly every company - but the search for growth is the most difficult issue. Markets are increasingly saturated, and pricing flexibility is restrained by low-cost challengers. Additionally, replacement cycles for products are lengthening as quality and functionality levels increase. The quest for growth raises important questions:
  • How do we maximize the growth potential of our current businesses?
  • How can we outgrow our industry and competitors?
  • What growth opportunities in adjacent markets are most attractive?
  • Where are medium-to-long-term growth opportunities - and what do we need to do to capture them?
  • How should we prioritize our portfolio of growth options?
  • How do we best align our organization to pursue growth?

Our Expertise

Combining creativity, innovativeness and analytical insight with client engagement, our approach helps clients overcome both external and internal barriers to growth. Typical projects include the following:
  • Growth Portfolio Review
  • Powering for Growth
  • Growth through Parallelism
  • Megatrends and Future Growth

IBS Consulting Group reveals critical opportunities at the intersection of key growth alternatives and company capabilities through a process that focuses on identifying, prioritizing, and defining winning strategies and on aligning management around major growth platforms. In many cases, growth opportunities can be pursued through an existing business model, but sometimes a different model is likely to have a greater advantage. In these cases, Our innovative business solutions capability can also play an important role in helping a client accelerate its growth trajectory.

Business Unit Development Strategy

Business unit strategy entails knowing what business you are (or should be) in, understanding the business model, current and future sources of competitive advantage in that business, and then defining a plan to capture and sustain an unassailable relative advantage over competitors.
Following questions are essential to the development of a business unit strategy:
  • How well are we positioned in relation to competitors?
  • What can we do to enhance our relative advantage?
  • What can we learn from customers today to better compete tomorrow?
  • What specific moves will position us for greater success?
  • Can our current business model take us into the future?

Our Expertise

We develop strategies at the business unit level and help clients craft and develop strategies for their business units and bring together a commitment to deliver a tailor-made solution for each client. These are some of our typical projects:
  • Planning for the launch of a new business
  • Understanding and overcoming the drivers of declining business performance
  • Developing a strategic response to existing or emerging competitors
  • Understanding future risks and their implications for strategy
Because the best strategic options are sometimes beyond the scope of the current business model, IBS Consulting Group offers assistance with business model innovation and new-business building.

Sales & Business Development Strategy

Revenues are the lifeblood of any company, especially early-stage companies trying to prove their viability to potential investors. IBS Consulting Group can help you accelerate revenue growth by generating new customers and partnerships.

The challenges we address include:

  • Adding new customer and partnership revenues from key targeted accounts
  • Driving a top-down, "C"-level / SVP strategic sales process
  • Identifying key executive initiatives and communicating a compelling unique value proposition
  • Shortening sales cycles while reducing cost of sales

Our Sales & Business Development client profiles include:
  • Early stage companies
  • Emerging growth companies
  • Early adopter "disruptive" technologies
  • Established entities looking to expand into new markets
Our resourceful processes leverage your existing web based sales tools, salesforce automation tools, and online presentation tools for communication and tracking while keeping the cost of sales to a minimum.

Some of the benefits you can expect to see as a IBS Consulting Group client include:

  • Opening new markets
  • Expanding internationally
  • Increasing average sales and transaction price
  • Validating a proven and repeatable/scalable business model
  • Accessing a virtual extension to your management team, with responsibilities such as:
  1. Mentoring, coaching, and leadership for your internal sales and business development resources
  2. Presenting your sales pipeline to your Board, investors, and other stakeholders
  3. Establishing and implementing a scalable, proven sales/business development process and methodology