Customer Retention Services

Customer Retention Services

You have successfully build your business and also have clients who pay you. But, there is one thing that worries you time and again - Customer Retention. It is an on-going process and sometimes the key to long term success of your business. Most often than not, you are not the only one offering whatever you have to offer to your customers. There is competition everywhere (and is only growing), no matter how you augment your product / service to position it differently.

Moreover, in today's challenging economies and competitive business world, retaining your customer base is critical to your success. If you don't give your customers some good reasons to stay, your competitors will give them a reason to leave. Customer retention and satisfaction drive profits. It's far less expensive to cultivate your existing customer base and sell more services to them than it is to seek new, single-transaction customers.

Customer Insight Study

The goal of Customer Insight Study is to help companies answer some of today’s most important business questions:

  • What are the most attractive segments for us?
  • What are these customers’ desires?
  • Which desires are met and unmet, and can we serve them?
  • Where can we grow? Can we extend our brand(s) into new categories or segments?
  • What are the purchase and decision patterns of customers?
  • What are the key levers and triggers to capture them?
  • How are we perceived by our customers and by our non-customers?
Satisfied customers come back. They spend more with you than with your competitors. They provide referrals to friends. Satisfied customers clearly have a higher lifetime value for your business. Deep customer insight is crucial to successful strategy development and execution. To uncover growth opportunities and develop new offerings - understanding what matters to customers and drives their behavior is essential.

Our Expertise

Our approach has three basic principles: building on existing knowledge, designing superior research tailored to each project’s needs, and fully integrating customer insight with the other strategic lenses. Our practice and expertise combines all forms of research:

  • Deep-dive innovative qualitative research, including our "in-context” research techniques
  • Quantitative research, leveraging the complete range of techniques - from classic marketing surveys to complex conjoint or agent-based and problem centric modeling

Customer Satisfaction Index

The goal of the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) survey is to measure how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation, and to ensure that you are informed of your customers’ needs and desires.

In today's competitive business environment, quality service is often the difference between keeping customers and losing them. Good marketing brings new customers in, but great service is what keeps them. But to provide good service, you need a way to know how well you're doing - to find out what your customers think is important, what they want, and where you need to improve. And the best way to get this information is with a survey.

Customer satisfaction can impact every aspect of your business from earnings to profit maximization. That is why customer satisfaction surveys are so important for developing businesses. Customer satisfaction surveys measure and evaluate the attitudes, opinions and satisfaction levels of your customers and clients identifying specific areas of your business that do not meet customer expectations. Not only are customer satisfaction surveys quick and inexpensive to produce, they are also guaranteed to yield invaluable results and jump over competitors.

Companies can then use the survey data to implement and revise customer service policies and procedures, as well as to readjust marketing and management strategies for building a wide base of loyal and responsive customers. Customer satisfaction surveys are important first steps towards achieving the ultimate goals of exceptional customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention and provide a foundation in which you can start building upon your customer relationships. But you won't get useful information if you don't ask the right questions. What exactly do you want to find out from this survey? What areas of service do you want to ask questions about? You don't want customers doing the survey and saying 'I wish I could comment on this - why can't I?'

Customer Satisfaction Index is seen as a key performance indicator within business and in a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; it is also is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy.

Our Expertise

A good start is to conduct a few pre-survey interviews with customers, just to make sure that your questionnaire doesn't overlook any important areas. Also talk with your front-line employees, the ones who deal with the customers on a daily basis. Ask them and their immediate supervisors about the concerns their customers most often raise. This will give you an idea about what areas your customers are most concerned about, and therefore what you should ask in your survey.

Net Promoter Score Study

The goal of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) Study is to provide a stable measure of business performance that can be compared across business units (and even across industries), and increase interpretability of changes in customer satisfaction trends over time. NPS is a customer loyalty metric developed by (and a registered trademark of) Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix. It was introduced by Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review article "The One Number You Need to Grow".

NPS is based on the fundamental perspective that every company's customers can be divided into three categories:

Promoters, Passives, and Detractors

Analyses show that value-creating companies that achieve long-term profitable growth have NPS two times higher than the average company. And NPS leaders outgrow their competitors in most industries-by an average of 2.5 times. The customer feedback acquired through NPS surveys is incredibly valuable for improving operations, for focusing R&D efforts, and for boosting sales to existing customers. When we direct company resources toward creating legions of Promoters, we are inoculating the current customer base from infection by alternative offers so these customers are less likely to defect to the competition. Together with NPS, the factors of profitability, metrics of processes could be measures as well.

Customer Loyalty-Shift-Calculator

The goal of Customer Loyalty-Shift-Calculator survey is to provide a tool for running "what if” scenarios to estimate the effects of specific business improvements on customer loyalty, behaviors and perceptions from the single business unit level to the brand level.

The Customer Loyalty-Shift-Calculator is an analytic engine that helps you to identify what customer experience changes matter most, and model just what financial impact they will have. By combining operational behavior information with customer satisfaction and financial data, the Loyalty-Shift-Calculator quantifies exactly which in-store actions matter most to satisfaction and loyalty, and subsequently, to your top-line sales. Business operators can then focus their employees on doing the exact things that matter most to your customers. It’s actionable. It drives real results. Want to know how your investment in customer experience impacts your bottom line?

Our Expertise

We can tell you not only the effect of intended performance improvements on customer loyalty and, but also the lag-time between drops in satisfaction and resulting business performance. When a brand has loyal customers, it gains positive word-of-mouth marketing, which is both free and highly effective.

We will help you to see your point-of sales through you customer eyes. Specifically

  • Understand what matters to your customers
  • How many of your customers are at risk and the revenue they represent
  • Lag-time between changes in customer satisfaction and potential changes in revenue
  • The impact of operational performance on loyalty and financial metrics

  • Address significant performance gaps hurting sales
  • Focus employees on what matters most


  • Quantify the impact of key business drivers in your stores
  • Manage your investment in the customer experience, eliminating those expenses that don’t matter and funding those initiatives with the highest return.

Mystery Shopping Program

The goal of Mystery Shopping Program is to help businesses to understand what may be happening in your business when you are not there to see it yourself.

Mystery Shopping is the practice of using trained shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, business operations, employee selling skills, product quality, employee integrity, product merchandising, etc. Mystery Shopping

  • Is an interaction between front-line staff and evaluators that pose as customers [called "shoppers”]
  • Captures interactions in a normal work environment
  • Evaluates customer service and the ability of staff and partners to communicate about the organization

The key value of Mystery Shopping Program is to study service quality in the process.

The Benefits of a Mystery Shopping Program
  • Monitors and measures service performance
  • Improves customer retention and makes employees aware of what is important in serving them
  • Reinforces positive employee/management actions with incentive-based reward systems
  • Provides feedback from front line operations
  • Monitors facility conditions - asset protection
  • Ensures product/service delivery quality and allows for competitive analyses
  • Supports promotional programs
  • Audits pricing & merchandising compliance
  • Compliments marketing research and survey data
  • Identifies training needs and sales opportunities
  • Educational tool for training & development
  • Enforces employee integrity

Our Expertise
What our Mystery Shopping Program … Can Do For Your Business

Enhance Your Brand
  • Shoppers compare brand promise to employee performance
  • Know what happens when you are not there
  • See your company through objective eyes
  • Get a Benchmark Performance Against Other Industries

Improve Internal & External Marketing Initiatives
  • Whether vendor funded displays set up
  • Whether current month’s special was accurately posted
  • Whether you promotion strategies communicated well with customers

Protect your company’s reputation
  • Competent handling of issues, questions, complaints
  • Measure whether parking was well-lit, restrooms sanitary
  • Measure whether customer gets correct information

Improve Performance and Motivate Staff
  • Generates individual/collective performance data
  • Clarifies expectations…can be used as incentive/reward
  • Allows targeted training to improve performance
  • Reduce turnover
  • Identifies stars within your personnel

Mystery Shopping Program helps to measure achievable savings from customer service improvements.